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title: Advent (21)
rating: PG-13
word count: 245
summary: house rules: you have to kiss someone if you end up under the mistletoe together! hijinks ensue. (Mariel/Silas)
notes: the twenty first of twenty five kisses under the mistletoe at a Christmas party Nikos is hosting

Tristan stuck his head out of the living room to follow Mariel, hoping to catch her under the mistletoe as she returned with Miss Scarlett's glass. Miss Scarlett, giggling and tipsy, followed behind him with her hand on the small of his back. She winked at him conspiratorially.

Mariel reappeared with the full glass from the kitchen and handed it to Aya, who wrapped her hands around the warm glass gratefully.

"Mistletoe," said Aya, their fingers twined around the wineglass. She leaned over and kissed Mariel chastely. Then she put the glass down and pulled Mariel closer, tugging on her tie to make her lean forward for a real kiss, hooking her fingers through Mariel's belt loops.

Mariel quirked her lips into a smile. Over Aya's head, she raised an eyebrow at Tristan, who shrugged and nodded approvingly. Mariel rolled her eyes and turned her full attention to the business of kissing Aya, who was slipping her hand beneath Mariel's waistcoat. Mariel put her arms around Aya's waist, hugging her close as her girlfriend kissed her way along her jaw, from Mariel's mouth to her ear, making her shiver. She kissed Aya's cheek again, one hand tousled in her curly dark hair.

Aya giggled. "You'll muss me all up!" she cried, like she hadn't just untucked Mariel's shirt from her trousers and traced her fingertips up her spine. She preened, righting her fancy barrette and making a show of adjusting the seam on her stockings.


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