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subject: (multi?) fandom drabble requests
misc: Typo Chronicles
pairing: Riza Hawkeye/Barney Stinson
rating: K
notes: drabble(s) from a meme I did on my LJ, which I am going to repeat here:
The first five people to comment in this post get to request a drabble of any pairing/character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability.
Y'all are free to request (you can get an idea of my fandoms here), but please keep in mind these are totally unbeta'd. This will be edited as more fics are requested/written.

title: Don't Go Breakin' My Heart
Typo Chronicles
pairing: Riza Hawkeye/Barney Stinson
requested by: [ profile] seakitties

Don't Go Breakin' My Heart
"Don't go breakin' my heart, I coudn't if I tried."

When the song comes on, Riza has her back to Barney. Busy pouring coffee she doesn't realize she is humming she finds herself singing aloud, much to her horror.

"Honey, if I get restless? Baby, you're not that kind -"

"That kind of what?"

Although she can't see him, Riza knows he is there; arms folded on the counter, maybe resting his chin in his hand, legs splayed, bent over at an awkward angle and that stupid smirk on is face. Riza's face burns at the thought of the stupid smirk, but she tells herself it's just steam from the boiling pot of coffee she's holding on to as if for dear life.

"Nothing, Mr. Stinson," she says, without turning to face him. If she turned to him, he would see the blush creeping up her cheeks. A more observant man like the colonel might have noticed the faint reddening around the back of her neck, but Riza has faith that Barney Stinson will not notice.

"Harsh," he says.

Riza downs the coffee (which she is pretty sure she poured for the stuttering girl in glasses sitting by the window) so that she has an excuse not to reply. It's too sweet and too milky. She sets about preparing another cup.

"Don't go breakin' my heart."

"I won't go breakin' your heart."



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