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title: thick as thieves [a 58 fanmix]
fandom: Saiyuki
pairing: Hakkai/Gojyo
notes: this was my contribution to the fandom charity auctions for Japan earthquake/tsunami disaster relief. the winning bidder, [ profile] agarmentofwings, requested a Hakkai/Gojyo fanmix. it was so hard omg. >_<;; it's just that my recent taste in music has been very twee/indie, but that, aesthetically, doesn't quite work with Saiyuki, but I did my best and here it is, after much ado. (it's listed as 58, but really, it could be 85; "a 58 fanmix" just sounded better.)
listen: here

i. thick as thieves - kasabian
gave you all the high skies but you gave me night

ii. cat people - david bowie
and I've been putting out the fire
with gasoline

iii. old flame - immaculate machine
you say "sometimes you've got to let history unfold,"
but you don't really mean it

iv. touched - vast
the demi-gods and hungry ghosts
oh god, god knows I'm not at home

v. the cave - mumford & sons
I'll know my name as it's called again.

vi. the world can wait - over the rhine
am I running out of lifetimes?
this is not the first time something ends in just tears

vii. break my fall - breaking benjamin
you're not alone here, not at all
let me belong here, break my fall

viii. smokers outside the hospital doors - the editors
my dirty hands have I been in the wars?

ix. nothing like you and i - the perishers
we spent some time together drinking
spent some time just thinking about the days of joy

x. your rocky spine - great lake swimmers
with your soft fingers between my claws
like purity against resolve


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