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title: Advent (17)
rating: G
word count: 313
summary: house rules: you have to kiss someone if you end up under the mistletoe together! hijinks ensue. (Nikos+Kristopher)
notes: the seventeenth of twenty five kisses under the mistletoe at a Christmas party Nikos is hosting

"Hey, why does the kid get pie? I thought you said pie was for later!" Koji stuck his head out of the living room door, frowning indignantly at the lack of desserts on his plate. He marched down the hallway, a little unsteadily thanks to the copious mulled wine he had consumed since arriving early that afternoon to help Nikos prepare for the party, for a serving. Kristopher, having already cleared his own plate and most of his father's, followed behind.

"What's good, kiddo?" asked Koji, surveying his options.

"Blueberry is my favorite," said Kristopher, "and Glory likes apple, so you should get the pumpkin." He explained this rather matter-of-factly as he cut off a comically large slice, but neither Koji nor Nikos made any attempt to stop him. If Glory didn't want him to eat half a pie, he should have supervised this visit to the kitchen.

"I see how it is," grumbled Koji, but he helped himself to a generous slice and gave them both a heap of vanilla ice cream from the ice box.

"More for me," agreed Kristopher. His solemn little face lit up in a smile. Koji patted his head and sent him along, plate balanced precariously. But he came skidding to a halt, giggling. "Mr Vallas," he said, looking upwards. "I think you owe me a kiss."

"I do, indeed," said Nikos. He smiled fondly; charm, apparently, skipped a generation, as Kristopher was a perfectly lovely little boy.

"One like you gave Mariel, I think," said Kristopher, seriously. "Not like the one you gave Tristan. I'm not a grown-up."

"You saw that?" asked Nikos. He rubbed the back of his head. "Okay, a quick one like I gave Mariel."

He pecked Kristopher and gave him a quick hug before sending him on his way, half a pie on his plate and a huge grin on his face.
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